Business For Sale

A franchise is like any other business and it is important to go into the business with a clear exit strategy. Every year, many franchises come on the market because their owner has decided to sell, which continues to supply the marketplace with new and exciting business opportunities.

No matter how successful your franchise might become, at some point you will be ready to move on and sell your business. This might because you are looking to retire or maybe due to family circumstances. It could be because the business has failed to meet your expectations. Or it could be because you wish to focus your energies on a new challenge. But no matter what the reason might be for selling your business, we are fully licensed business agents and are able to provide all the assistance you need to put your business for sale on the open market.

In an ideal world, planning the sale of your franchise business should be planned well in advance. It makes sense to plan your exit strategy to coincide with a time when the business is performing well so that you maximise the value of your business. We can advise you if the time is right to sell, although there will always be buyers for a successful franchise business opportunity.

Finding the right buyer for your business is very important. We understand how busy you are and how little time you probably have, which is why we can take over the task of selling your business on your behalf. We can handle all aspects involved in the sale of your business, so while you get on with running the business, we can deal with the sale.

There are of course certain factors to consider when selling a franchise business. You may be subject to restrictions put in place to protect the franchisor should you be intending to remain in the same franchise industry after selling the franchise—many franchises have a restrictive covenant to protect against a franchisee setting up another business in direct competition. However, such conditions will have been set out in the franchise agreement at the outset and are something that we can advise you on when you are ready to sell.

Contact us when you are ready to set your exit strategy in motion and let us help you put your business for sale on the open market. We can help you to realise the full value of the franchise so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.