Franchise Recruiting

shutterstock_128879671Once you have a successful franchise operation, you might wish to consider recruiting new franchisees into your franchise system. However, a franchise system will only ever be as good as the franchisees working within it, so to maximise your success, it is very important that you commit the right resources to recruiting the right calibre of people.  Unfortunately, this can be one of the hardest aspects of starting a fully fledged franchise system and is often an extremely expensive and time consuming process.

As part of successful franchise consultancy service, we can help you devise a recruitment strategy to help you expand your successful franchise. We have more than ten years experience in the franchise industry and this includes plenty of experience in recruiting franchisees for franchise operations. As Licensed Business Agents for the resale of businesses in New South Wales, we can offer you lots of assistance in helping you attract the right people to drive your franchise business forward in your chosen niche.

shutterstock_123790525Our job is to make a tough job a whole lot easier. We can take care of many of the small details such as placing advertisements in the right places in order to attract the right calibre of applicant. We specialise in advising you on methods of franchise recruiting including lead generation via direct advertising, trade media, and internet portals. Rather than waste money advertising in the wrong places, we can advise you what the best recruitment strategies are likely to be based on our extensive experience in franchise recruiting.

If you are keen to advertise your franchise system nationwide, we can even represent your franchise at franchise Expo’s and recruitment events across Australia, leaving you to concentrate on building your business and making it even more successful.

Filtering out potential applicants and interviewing potential franchisees is a time consuming businesses. Instead of wasting valuable time weeding out all the time wasters and unsuitable applicants, let us take over the screening so that you can concentrate your efforts on the people who are likely to be valuable assets to your business.

The selection processes will be different for each kind of franchise, which makes it vital that the process for recruitment is clearly defined and made crystal clear to each potential franchisee. We can advise you on all aspects of franchise recruiting and help you iron out all potential problems in the search for new talent to help expand your franchise empire.