Training & Support

Franchisee training and support, including quality manuals and systems, are a crucial part of your franchise system. In order to successfully expand your franchise system, your franchisees need all the help you can provide. This will ensure that they are able to follow your existing business plans to the letter.

Franchisors normally provide franchisee training and support to ensure that each franchise is operated in a uniform fashion across the franchise network. As the original franchisor will have developed a proven business system that works, it is important that each subsequent franchisee follows the same rules and systems in order to be equally as successful.

Before a franchisee takes over the running of a franchise, they will require the franchisee to take part in training so that they can learn the business thoroughly and easily. As well as the initial training period, it is also quite common for a franchisor to provide ongoing training at regular intervals.

A good training program will help prepare a franchisee for the moment they are expected to run the franchise on their own. The better prepared the franchisee is, the more likely they are to make a success of their franchise and the better it will reflect on you, the franchisor.

Training can take many different forms, but ideally it will include everything the franchisee needs to know with regard to running the franchise such as detailed information about the service or product, plus where equipment and supplies are sourced from. Training can cover employee management and other human resource information. The franchisee training period offers an excellent opportunity for the franchisee to ask as many pertinent questions as possible as well as take notes for their own reference.

Franchisees will also require comprehensive reference information in the form of a manual, plus detailed systems and guidelines to assist them once their franchise is up and running. They will also require a good quality manual. Not only will this assist them in building their own franchise, it will also ensure that the franchisee complies with your franchise system.

Providing excellent franchisee training and support is something we can advise you on. The right level of franchisee training and support is essential and we can offer you plenty of helpful advice on developing your franchisee training manuals and support systems. This will ensure that your franchisees are able to build their franchises in accordance with your stipulations.